Residential Home

Whatever your needs may be, an addition to your family (new baby, elderly parent), we can assist you in providing the best possible design with our emphasis on safety, energy efficiency, and timely completion of your project.

  • Renovations
  • Remodels
  • Energy efficient retrofits (Windows, water heaters, appliances)

First time Home Buyer?

Many first-time home buyers choose what is referred to as , a “Fixer-Upper”  as the term generally means a cheaper selling price than other homes in the area.  While a reduced initial cost may be appealing, once  the buyer is now the owner, the “fixing-up” often requires more work and skill than the new owner can handle.  This is when a call to Community Builders of Northern California is the answer to some of the tough jobs facing the new owner.  Allow our expert staff evaluate your needs providing an absolute free quote and answers to all your questions.

Expecting an addition to the household?

Whether the addition to your family is a new baby or an elderly parent, Community Builders, (CBNC) is available to help.  Perhaps a slight remodel will suffice to turn a home office into a nursery.  If so  the expert advice we provide will include full electrical, heating and air conditioning needs to keep your little one safe and comfortable.

If the new addition is an elderly parent with special needs, (ie, wider doors for wheelchair accessability, converted bath area, ramps) our experienced staff can assist you in implementing plans to minimize cost while insuring building code compliance.  Our design team understands the importance of creating a practical space while maintaining the integrity and appearance of your home.

Empty Nester?

After the children leave the family home, many couples choose to down-size.  This is a great time to review your home’s needs and making sure repairs that have long been neglected are addressed before putting your home on the market.  Most realtors would agree that “Curb Appeal” is a must to insure interest in your property.  New windows installed by our expert craftsmen provide not only a more attractive look but also contribute to energy saving features that help not only financial savings but assist in making your home environmentally more sound.